Oven Repair

It’s Friday night and you are having your in-laws over for dinner. More specifically, your famous meatloaf. You have everything set to go in the oven and you go to program it to pre-heat and it won’t come on. Oh no, right? Wrong. If you are a Buckeye resident all you have to do is call Adam’s Appliance Repair and schedule an appointment for one of our extensively trained and seasoned technicians to come out and take a look for you. Hopefully, your in-laws won’t mind if you order them a smorgasbord from that little Chinese place down the street.

Our repairmen have had several years of troubleshooting and repair experience not just with the oven but also with the stovetop as well and it doesn’t matter what brand or kind of appliance you have, our technicians are prepared to handle it all.

Why did it break down?

There are several issues that can go wrong with an oven. The circuitry could be defective, if you have a cooktop, your pilot light may have died if your door won’t budge or feels stuck or maybe it won’t shut, or it could be that your oven’s thermostat or gaskets need to be changed out.

In the case of oven repairs, trying to DIY is generally not the best of ideas depending on the repair that needs to be made. Small, simple repairs are ok, however, if it is anything more than that it is best left to the professionals. Here is why.

Usually, people will opt to try and fix things themselves in an effort to save money. Sadly, this is not often the outcome. In some cases, people can end up costing themselves more money by performing incorrect repairs and in turn causes themselves more stress on top it all. Not to mention safety is always a consideration. Anytime there is electricity concerned, it is always best left to the people who have been well trained to handle those types of issues. Surprisingly, appliances are the cause of almost 20% of all electricity-related deaths in the US. That is just not a risk you should take. Please give us a call and let us safely assist you in having your appliance fixed. Don’t put your life or anyone around you in danger by trying to fix the issue yourself.

Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair

Oven not heating

If your oven isn’t heating, check your pilot light if it’s a gas stove and that you don’t have a tripped breaker if it’s electric. If you have power, there’s a good chance that your heating element is faulty and needs replacing. It’s not that straightforward, however. If the grill isn’t working, but the heating element is, the grill element would need replacing instead.

The door is either jammed or won’t close

If the door to your oven won’t open or close without giving you problems, it could be that the runner or hinges are at fault. If this is the case, they can be realigned or replaced with new ones. If it is not the hinges, the door seal could be the culprit. It could simply just be so worn from years of use that it needs to be replaced as well and this problem can cause the door not to shut properly or all the way.

If you own a self-cleaning oven, there are self-cleaning latches that could be giving you the problem. These latches are to keep the oven from being able to be opened during the self-cleaning process so if this is your problem then chances are the door just won’t open, even if it is not in self-cleaning mode. However, if this is the issue the cleaning cycle won’t be able to be completed, so this is something you will want fixed as soon as possible, depending on how often you use and clean your oven.


Another issue that could give you problems is the built-in sensors. If these sensors are defective or if your thermostat is defective, it can cause your oven to overheat. You will notice this if your oven all of a sudden starts to burn your food regardless of the temperature you have it set on. Please do not try to make these repairs yourself either!

Should I consider a replacement?

When it comes to ovens, regardless of the type, life expectancy is about 10 years. If your oven is aging and getting close to the 10-year mark, we will most likely recommend a replacement over repairing. Adam’s Appliance Repair is committed to providing you with the most cost-effective solution to your issue and we don’t want you to spend so much on repairs that you could have purchased a new oven anyway the way people often do with vehicles. That said, no matter what type of issue you are experiencing, we can assist you in finding the best resolution. Just give our office a call today!