Washer / Dryer Repair

It just so happens that a washing machine is among the most repaired of appliances. Dryers, on the other hand, have several different issues that can cause them to stop working due to their many, many parts. While washing machine parts are always exposed to water, dryers have so many parts that make them work, it is easy to understand that either of these appliances would end up needing some sort of repair. In the event you find yourself needing either of these repaired, Adam’s Appliance Repair is your go-to repair service.

Adam’s Appliance Repair technicians are highly trained at pinpointing and repairing these problems. It is their expertise. No matter if the washing machine just won’t come on or your dryer sounds like it may literally rock all the way out of your house, our technicians will find the problem and give you the best resolution.

What Went Wrong?

As stated above, a washing machine has many parts that are in constant contact with water. We all know water and electricity do not go hand in hand and although your machine was designed to be in contact with water, there are a surplus of issues that can go wrong from agitation issues to belt issues. The same goes for your dryer. With so many parts, it could be simple like a switch or breaker-box issue or something more complicated like the heating element, our technicians will seek out the problem and fix it with ease so you can have full confidence that your appliance will be in top-notch working order when they are done.

However, we do strongly suggest that you do not try fixing a problem on your own. Doing this could possibly void your warranty, given there is one, as well as the danger you could find yourself in due to lack of knowledge and having the appropriate tools to do so. That is why calling Adam’s Appliance repair is your best bet!

How Do You Know What Is Wrong?

When there are unusual noises during your washing cycles, several things might be wrong. Problems with the drive motor, pump, belt, or shock absorbers are the most common. But, sometimes we just need to clean or replace the impeller or motor.

If you can hear a certain type of noise coming from your washing machine it could be something as simple as a belt that needs to be replaced. If your dryer simply won’t turn on you can check your breaker box to make sure the proper switch is flipped to “on”. Or, with either of these appliances it could be more difficult and complicated which is when you will need a competent professional and you will want one of our qualified and highly trained technicians to come out and assess the issue for you, giving you the best options for fixing the issue(s).

Water Issues

Leaking water from the washing machine is typically caused by a bad hose. We almost always replace the hose as frayed and cracked hoses are not repairable. The pump that drains the dirty water can be the source of your leak as well. The pump runs water into the drain hoses. If the hoses are not at fault, we usually have to replace the pump.

If you can see water on the floor then you clearly have an issue of leaking. It will be our technician’s job to seek out the source of the leak and fix it. It could be anything from a bad hose to the pump inside that drains all of the soiled water. Either way, you will need to address these issues so that you do not have further damage to your appliance.

Noisy Dryer

If you are hearing strange noises coming from your dryer it could just be that a certain part has simply worn down depending on how old your dryer is.

Won’t heat up? This type of issue is usually attributed to an airflow issue. You can try to clear the blockage by using a vacuum cleaner to clear out the duct. However, if that doesn’t work, it could be the internal thermal fuse which is a regulatory part that keeps the dryer from getting too hot and this piece could be malfunctioning and stopped the dryer from heating all together in which this part would need replacing.

When to Consider Replacement

A washing machine that is maintained on schedule and promptly fixed if something breaks will typically run for as long as 11 years. But, when your washing machine is past a decade of life and is having recurring difficulties, we suggest not wasting money on repeated repairs. At that point, we will be pleased to help you choose a new brand and model that fits your current needs. Call us today.